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pediatric dentistry; It covers the most important place among the branches of dentistry in order to achieve the goal of healthier individuals and a healthier society. It is very important for children to meet the dentist and establish a bond of trust without experiencing dental problems. In this way, they will be able to request to go to the dentist themselves when they encounter dental problems in the future. When a child patient applies to the clinic with a dental problem, the child should be met, examined if it allows, and the necessary treatments should be explained to the child simply. The child should be given time to understand, accept, accept and seek treatment. Many children just discover it on their first visit and do not want to be treated. The child should be respected and should not be insistent on treatment. Of course, as doctors, we want the aching tooth to heal and the child and his family to be relieved. But what is more important here is that the child is given time to trust his doctor and accept the treatment. Establishing a healthy dentist-patient relationship, which will last a lifetime, should be the main goal and should be approached with patience.

Milk Tooth Filling

Caries in milk teeth can negatively affect a child’s quality of life. Cleaning the caries formed and filling it with appropriate materials ensures that the milk tooth takes a healthy place in the mouth until it is time to fall. Loss of milk teeth in the early period can negatively affect nutrition, as well as cause disorders in the jaw structure and failure of permanent teeth to erupt.

Milk Tooth Root Canal Treatment

When caries in milk teeth progress, they reach the pulp tissue of the milk tooth, causing severe pain and infections. An experienced dentist can keep primary teeth with advanced caries in the mouth with root canal treatment. Root canal treatment in primary teeth requires a different technique. It is painless and an extremely simple application. When milk teeth are lost, a placeholder is necessary to prevent the other teeth from slipping into the space. It should not be forgotten that the best placeholder is the child’s own tooth, and everything should be done to avoid pulling the sick tooth.


One of the most important functions of milk teeth is to hold space for the permanent teeth under them to be able to erupt in the mouth in a healthy way. Occurs when milk teeth are lost early for any reason. The resulting gap must be filled with the help of small prostheses, which we call placeholders. When a placeholder is not made to replace the missing milk teeth, the adjacent teeth will slide into the gap and the gap will be closed in an undesired way. This will prevent the permanent tooth in the jawbone from erupting and will cause stenosis of the jaw and tooth crowding.

placeholders; They are divided into two groups as movable placeholders (removable) and fixed placeholders:

Movable placeholders;

Movable placeholders are removable placeholders. They are generally preferred for older children who can bear this responsibility. After measuring the edentulous space, a placeholder is prepared on the model and produced in the laboratory. The prepared placeholder is delivered after adapting to the patient’s mouth. It is extremely important for children who use placeholders to pay attention to their oral hygiene. The movable placeholders must be removed at night, the teeth must be brushed, and the placeholder must be inserted into the mouth by brushing the teeth again in the morning after breakfast.

Fixed placeholders;

Fixed placeholders are designed and produced in the laboratory according to the measurement taken from the mouth, and adhered by taking support from the neighboring teeth. It is fixed. It can only be removed by the dentist. It is preferred to be used in small spaces and in younger patients.

Fissure Sealers

The indentations on the chewing surface of the molars are called fissures. In some individuals, the fissures are very deep. These areas, which are difficult to clean, can prepare the ground for the formation of caries. Most of the dental caries of school-age children are caused by deep fissures.

What is fissure sealant?

It is a preventive dentistry application that allows the corrugated structure (fissures) on the tooth surface, which prepares the ground for the decay of molars, to be covered with a fluid and fluorine-containing filling material. Its purpose is to fill these recesses, which are suitable for food accumulation and caries, to make them smooth and easy to clean, and to minimize the risk of caries.

How to make a fissure sealant?

If necessary, the tooth surface is first cleaned, washed and dried. Thin and fluid fissure sealant material is applied in such a way that it is completely placed in the grooves of the tooth. It is then hardened with light. This process takes 3-5 minutes on average for each tooth. The procedure is fast, simple and painless and there is no need for anesthesia before the procedure.

Which teeth are fissure sealants applied to?

Fissure sealants are applied to intact molars that have not yet decayed. Although it is a treatment that is mostly applied to school-age children, it can also be applied to adult patients when necessary.