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Nisantasi Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is done in our private dental clinic, Dentist Deniz İkbal, in Nişantaşı. You can make an appointment for an inspection. For inspection, you can contact us on our contact page.


Teeth whitening, especially preferred by people who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth, brings problems that affect people’s smiles for many years. However, this problem has started to decrease with teeth whitening gels. Substances that adversely affect the color of teeth are;






Chocolate etc.

The darkening of the tone of the teeth occurs due to excessive consumption of substances. With the teeth whitening process, it is ensured to reach the tone before it becomes discolored. There are 2 ways to remove these stains.

Office Bleaching

The first is the use of drugs that will be applied after the person is examined by specialist dentists in the clinic. The colored light is kept in the tooth area for a certain time and the result is noticed when the process is finished.

Home Bleaching

The second method that can be applied is a method that the patient can apply at home. The dentist takes measurements from the mouth and prepares a mold suitable for the patient’s tooth. The patient applies the teeth whitening process in the time given by the dentist.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening is done to reach the tone of the teeth before they become discolored.

Office Bleaching must be applied professionally in the clinic.

A barrier that protects the gums is applied, and then the whitening agent is allowed to act on the teeth with the help of a light.

It is a process of about 30-40 minutes.

After the procedure, the teeth are washed, dried and flour is applied to prevent sensitivity.

It is not done if there are cracks in the teeth. Because it contains 37.5% and 42.5% hydrogen peroxide, it causes extreme sensitivity in cracked teeth.

If there is caries on the teeth, they are treated. Bleaching is applied. If the tone of the fillings is dark apricot, the fillings are renewed 10-15 days after the bleaching process.

After the Office Bleaching process, people can apply for the permanence of the bleaching process.

It supports with a “home bleaching” agent with a lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide.

For the Home Type whitening process, upper and lower measurements are taken from the teeth. “whitening plates” are made in the laboratory.

At home, the person squeezes the whitening agent as much as a grain of rice into the plaque and attaches it to his teeth.

If there is an overflowing agent from the plate, the excess is deleted.

You can call us for our dental scaling + office bleahing package price.

Nisantasi Teeth whitening prices

Our teeth whitening prices are generally compatible with the TDB price list. Call us for our prices.