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Dental prostheses are artificial teeth made to compensate for the problems caused by lost teeth. People have started to produce remedies for the completion of missing teeth centuries ago. We classify dental prostheses under two groups as removable prostheses and fixed prostheses;

Fixed prostheses

It is a type of prosthesis that is applied in case of loss of one or more teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. For the construction of fixed prostheses, we can get support from the natural teeth adjacent to the cavity, as well as with the help of dental implants, we can make fixed prostheses. In this type of fixed prosthesis called bridge, it is aimed to restore aesthetics, function and phonation (speech) to the person, patient comfort and aesthetic appearance are at maximum level in meticulously prepared fixed prostheses.

Fixed prostheses are not applied only in case of missing teeth. In cases where there is a large amount of tissue loss due to tooth decay or trauma, we also use a fixed prosthesis type called crown.

Different techniques and materials can be used when producing fixed prostheses called crowns and bridges. Metal-supported porcelains, zirconiums, E-max crowns are frequently used materials. Your dentist decides which material will be more suitable for your dental treatment after a detailed examination and listening to your requests. While E-max crowns are advantageous in anterior incisors where aesthetics is at the forefront, metal-supported porcelain or zirconium may be more advantageous in the molars area where chewing force is intense.

Removable Prostheses

It is a type of prosthesis used in cases where there are many missing teeth and fixed prosthesis is not possible. The patient canton is lower compared to fixed prostheses. In cases where implant application cannot be performed, a well-made removable prosthesis improves the quality of life of the person by eliminating many problems caused by lost teeth.

It takes some time to get used to using the removable prosthesis and daily cleaning should be done by the patient.

Skeleton Prostheses

Traditional skeletal prostheses are planned to receive support from natural teeth with the help of metal hooks.

Precision Retained (Snapped) Dentures

While traditional skeletal prostheses are supported by natural teeth with the help of metal hooks, precision-retained prostheses do not have metal hooks that negatively affect the image. Instead of these, sensitive fastener systems, also called snap fasteners, are used that are invisible from the outside. It is possible to make removable prostheses highly aesthetic. It is not possible to distinguish a carefully made removable prosthesis that is compatible with the tissues from natural teeth when viewed from the outside. Snap-in prosthesis is a type of removable prosthesis and requires daily care by the patient by removing it from the mouth.

Complete Dentures (Total Dentures)

Prostheses applied in cases where all teeth are lost are called Full Dentures. While the retention of full dentures is good in patients with a good amount of bone in the palate, the retention of the prosthesis may be weak due to bone resorption, especially in the lower jaw. In this case, with two implants placed in the jawbone, the movement of the prosthesis in the mouth can be limited and patient comfort can be increased. This method, which can also be applied to elderly patient groups with advanced osteoporosis, is extremely practical and successful.