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I was born in 1980 in Hatay. In 1997, I won the Faculty of Dentistry of Dicle University. I have loved my profession since the first day I started at the Faculty of Dentistry with a prosthetic preclinical laboratory course. Creating a product with your hands and knowledge and seeing that this product improves people’s quality of life was the biggest factor in my love of dentistry.

I successfully completed my dental education and internships that lasted for 5 years in 2002 and started the preparations for opening a clinic. I opened my first clinic in Hatay Dörtyol in January 2003, and started my professional life in my own clinic at the age of 22. Aiming to do the best in my profession, I participated in many trainings and congresses at home and abroad. In return, I worked happily, seeing the satisfaction of my patients. I have actively served in all branches of dentistry for 20 years. Due to my interest in implant and aesthetic dentistry applications, I attended scientific trainings and since 2007, I have been successfully performing implant and aesthetic dentistry treatments in my clinic.

In August 2022, I opened my second clinic at the address of Istanbul Nişantaşı Abdi İpekçi Street. I continue to serve my profession, which I love, at my new address, with up-to-date techniques, technological equipment and the experience of tens of thousands of treatments I have done.